About Me

Clementine Yost is an experienced podcast producer and audio engineer in Los Angeles. One of the rising stars of the podcast industry, she has credits with HeadGum, Earwolf, Awfully Nice, and Spotify in Los Angeles, Paradiso Media in Paris, and Somethin Else and Message Heard in London.


With experience producing non-fiction entertainment podcasts hosted by comedians and drag queens, as well as scripted narrative, game show format, and branded podcasts, Clementine is the well-rounded producer you need on your team. Her skill for script writing, directing talent, and sound design are unmatched. 


Passionate about amplifying underrepresented voices, each show Clementine produces makes a difference, either though representation or raising awareness. Her technical mastery of studio equipment and editing software, combined with a keen ability to make the best of both remote and field recordings, make Clementine indispensable. Clementine has a professional mastery of Adobe Audition, Pro Tools and Reaper.


After freelancing for many years in the podcast industry, Clementine is looking for a full time podcast producer position in Los Angeles, London or New York. Anyone hiring?

Thank you for your interest in Clementine Yost.