About Me

My audio engineering skills and technical mastery combined with my love of storytelling allow me bring the listeners of my podcasts incredible stories across all genres of podcasting. Podcasts give people respite from the day to day, which is why I am passionate about creating the highest quality audio entertainment around. I hope to use my technical skills and zest for story development to amplify the voices of women, people of color and my fellow members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

My dream is to live in London where I can produce podcasts with untapped British talent and bolster the UK podcast industry. In doing so I aim to stimulate the British economy through providing jobs and benefitting small business through podcast advertising.


I am a rare example of someone with years of experience in both television and film development as well as podcast creation, development, production and engineering. Combining my experience in both mediums, I bring the dedication to story progression of a Hollywood development executive to the nuanced audio world of podcasting.

As a queer milennial woman with lived experience in London, Dublin and Los Angeles, I bring a unique perspective to any position. I have the experience needed to be an invaluable asset to any team in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto or London. I would love nothing more than to help expand your domestic and global content in ways you can't imagine.