One of my absolute favourite things is reading people's charts. I truly adore it. 


As a kid, my mom would read me my generic horoscope from our local newspaper at the end of the day. We'd see if any of it had "come true". I thought Astrology was fun, but ultimately I found it silly. To me it was again, highly generic predictions that never came true. 


As a deeply anxious and emotional child and teen I never felt like I was a good sagittarius. Sagittariuses are meant to be chill, full of wanderlust and give no fucks about anything. Conversely, I felt everything deeply and constantly pressured myself to succeed. When I finally found out my rising sign (Capricorn) and my moon sign (Gemini), I was in awe. I finally felt understood by astrology, or that astrology could apply to me. 


If you've ever wondered about your chart or if you're skeptical about Astrology in general, buy a reading! It's a great way to learn the basics about your Astrological identity. I would love to read your chart to you.

Astrology Chart Reading

  • $5 for voice notes (5 minute long voice notes or a 5 minute voice recording)

    $10 for video


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