Are you a feminist looking to join an elite secret organisation? 


Get this limited edition print to hang in your house to let those entering know they've entered a ~safe space~ for all women.


As much of my work does, this piece was originally created on a "business" envelope, because since we live in a yt supremacist capitalist patriarchy, this is my lil way of saying "f*ck the patriarchy". 


Available in glossy photo print or high quality cotton paper (24lb) print. Let me know your preference during checkout. 


Thank you for your support!


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  • Unique vs Print


    If you pay for a Unique envelope, I will make you your very own Cliterati envelope art. The art and designs will be sightly different! But yours will be unique and one of a kind. The art is truly on an actual 25lb cotton business envelope.


    If you pay for a Print, I will send you just that, a print.


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