Want to give the gift of Achingly Polite to a friend? Or are you looking for a gift but can't decide which print? 


I do things a little differently around here and instead of gift cards, I give you the option to create a custon discount code! For a friend, family member or colleague, this makes a fun gift while still not having to actually choose something.


Please specify the wording you would like and your preffered month, below.

Personalized Discount Code

  • I offer two discount options, 10% and 20%.


    For $10, you can get a 10% discount code.

    For $20, you can get a 20% discount code.


    For example, if your friend's name is Clementine (like me), you can buy her a 20% discount code, customized to her birthday or special event. 


    - CLEMENTINE507 - for someone born May 7th

    - CLEMENTINE19GRAD - for someone graduating university or high school

    - CLEMENTINE19EASTER - an Easter present for your friend

    - CLEMENTINE13ANNIVERSARY - for your partner on your 13th wedding anniversary.


    The world is your oyster!


  • In the very unlikely chance the code you wanted in already in use for the same month, I will have to make a slight adjustment so that your code is unique, otherwise it won't work.


    Example: if you wanted SARAH2019 and it is already in use for the month you wanted, I will make the code SARAH20 or SARAH10 depending on what discount you purchased. 


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